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KW-4L Spin Coater Incl. Oil-less vacuum pump, 3 vacuum chucks, & 2 year warranty


Note: Please specify the sizes of the 3 chucks before you check this out in Cart. List of all the chucks: Chucks of Spin Coater. (If the chuck you want is not listed, please select "Customized Chuck" and add a note when checking out.)


The KW-4L-I incorporates advanced features than KW-4L including:
1. Integrated automatic dispensing system, enabling precise control over the coating material application, thus improving repeatability and efficiency.
2. Integrated foot pedal functionality, offering hands-free operation to streamline the coating process further.




Substrate size: Φ5-Φ200mm
Speed range: 50-12000RPM
Speed accuracy: 1RPM
Speed stability: ±0.1%
Acceleration range: 50-30000RPM/S
Glue uniformity: ±1%


Control signal:
Man-machine interface: 8-inch touch screen
Communication interface: USB (standard) / RS232 (optional) / RS485 (optional) / RJ45 (optional)
Stylus BAMBOO resistance pen (standard)
Third-party options: Logitech wireless mouse / wireless keyboard / Kingston 2G disk
Vacuum pump: AP-550V oil-free pump / FY oil pump


Programming mode:
Set data: Unlimited group data, each group of 15 speeds (standard) or countless speeds (optional) 0-10000 seconds per period
Storage data: unlimited data
Data protection: default with power-down protection


Electrical parameters:
Mixing machine AC power supply port: AC100-250V
Vacuum pump AC power supply port: AC220V (standard) AC110V (optional)
Mixing machine power: 650W
Vacuum pump power: 350W
Vacuum pumping speed: ≥60L/MIN


Mechanical Dimensions:
Mixing machine volume: 340mm (W) X500mm (D) X250mm (H)
Conveyor weight: 18KG
Pump weight: 9KG


Use environment:
Ambient temperature: 0-40°C
Relative humidity: < 85%
Placed on the desktop, you can adjust the machine level with your own level


Technical support:
Warranty period: 2 years

Free remote technical support (phone, email) for the life of the product

Spin Coater: KW-4L-I

SKU: 609301044814
$10,000.00 Regular Price
$8,700.00Sale Price
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