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Compact tabletop UV-ozone cleaners are useful for sample preparation at space-limited lab facilities.


Setcas UV Ozone Cleaners are highly published and widely used in industry, production and academics labs to UV clean semiconductor wafers, UV clean LCD surfaces during manufacturing, remove and strip photoresist, improve surface wettability, UV clean AFM probes / tips, UV Clean SEM & TEM samples, UV polymer activation, assembly / bonding of PDMS / glass microfluidic devices, UV clean glass and a host of other UV Ozone cleaning and oxidation applications.


Setcas UV Ozone Cleaners have proven to be highly effective for non-acidic, dry, non-destructive atomic cleaning and removal of organic contaminants using intense 185 nm and 254 nm ultraviolet light. In the presence of oxygen, the 185 line produces Ozone and while the 254 line excites organic molecules on the surface. This combination drives the rapid destruction and decimation of organic contaminants.


UV Ozone Cleaner Common Materials:

  • UV Clean Glass
  • UV Clean Silicon
  • UV Clean Gallium Arsenide
  • UV Clean ITO
  • UV Clean Quartz
  • UV Clean Mica
  • UV Clean Sapphire
  • UV Oxidize Metals
  • UV Clean Ceramics
  • UV Activate Polymers and Crosslink Polymers
  • UV Strip Photo Resist / Photoresist
  • UV Clean Wafers
  • UV Clean Production Line LED displays
  • UV Clean Glass slides and Glass coverslips
  • UV Clean Gold surfaces
  • UV Clean Platinum surfaces
  • UV Activate PDMS for Microfluidic assembles


UV Ozone Cleaner Common Applications:

  • Atomically clean Semiconductor Silicon Wafers using UV Ozone.
  • Eliminate nasty acid and chemical bath cleaning methods that are dangerous for people and the environment
  • Make Hydrophobic surfaces more Hydrophilic
  • Fast & Simple method to clean AFM, SEM and TEM samples, surfaces and probes UV Ozone
  • Atomically clean glass sides and coverslips
  • Cell culture and cell adhesion surface preparation
  • Preparation for Force Spectroscopy studies
  • Semiconductor Surface UV Oxidation and Preparation
  • For manufacturing of LED displays
  • Cleaning sensitive Lenses and Optics
  • Increased Surface Wettability after UV Ozone cleaning
  • Enhance adhesion of paints, coatings, glues and adhesives
  • UV Ozone Cleaning Quartz and Ceramic Surfaces
  • Improved Thin Film Deposition Quality with UV Ozone
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Curing and crosslinking of polymers and adhesives
  • UV Surface Patterning
  • UV Etching and Surface UV Oxidation
  • An effective, non-destructive, non-vacuum alternative to plasma cleaning
  • UV Ozone Cleaner preparation for Alkanethiol, APTES, silanization and other surface chemistry
  • UV Ozone heat treatment


Product Features:
Material: The whole body is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, and beautiful.
Structure: Drawer type sample table, easy and convenient to take and place the substrate
Airway: Reserved air intake interface to enrich the cleaning type of equipment
Protection: Drawer opening and closing interlock with UV light to avoid UV damage
Timing: Button timer, digital countdown, intuitive
Operation: The cleaning process can be manually terminated at any time.
Accessories: Optional ozone neutralizer to avoid ozone damage



Sample Size: Up to 160mm x 200mm
Cleaning band: 185nm and 254nm
3-5mm average light intensity from UV lamp: 28~32mW/cm2
Lamp: Double tube low pressure mercury lamp
Adjustable illumination distance: 5~30mm
Timer working range: 0~99min99s with automatic countdown function

Heating range (Optional): From room temperature to 200 ℃


Warranty Period: One year.

Mechanical index
Inlet and outlet ports: Intake port φ8mm, air outlet φ25mm
Equipment dimensions: 250mm (W) × 300mm (D) × 260mm (H)
Tray size: 160mm (W) × 200mm (D) × 5 ~ 30mm (H)
Product weight: 8 KG

UV-Ozone Cleaner >> SC-UV-I

SKU: 609301044890
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