Compact tabletop UV-ozone cleaners are useful for sample preparation at space-limited lab facilities.


Product Features:
Material: The whole body is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, and beautiful.
Structure: Drawer type sample table, easy and convenient to take and place the substrate
Airway: Reserved air intake interface to enrich the cleaning type of equipment
Protection: Drawer opening and closing interlock with UV light to avoid UV damage
Timing: Button timer, digital countdown, intuitive
Operation: The cleaning process can be manually terminated at any time.
Accessories: Optional ozone neutralizer to avoid ozone damage



Sample Size: Up to 160mm x 200mm
Cleaning band: 185nm and 254nm
3-5mm average light intensity from UV lamp: 28~32mW/cm2
Lamp: Double tube low pressure mercury lamp
Adjustable illumination distance: 5~30mm
Timer working range: 0~99min99s with automatic countdown function

Mechanical index
Inlet and outlet ports: Intake port φ8mm, air outlet φ25mm
Equipment dimensions: 250mm (W) × 300mm (D) × 260mm (H)
Tray size: 160mm (W) × 200mm (D) × 5 ~ 30mm (H)
Product weight: 8 KG

SC-UV-I UV-Ozone Cleaner

SKU: 609301044890

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