KW-4A Spin Coater Incl. Oil-less vacuum pump, 3 vacuum chucks, & 2 year warranty

Note: Please specify the sizes of the 3 chucks before you check this out in Cart. List of all the chucks: Chucks of Spin Coater. If the chuck you want is not listed, please select "Customized Chuck" and add a note when checking out.

SETCAS™ Electronics KW-4A is a compact and easy-to-use spin coater for precise and uniform deposition of thin films and coatings. Its rugged, vibration-free and portable design makes it a versatile tool for any high-quality research facility. A two-stage spin process allows dispensing at low speed and homogenizing the coating at high speed. The KW-4A spin coater can be used to deposit metal oxide thin films, polymer coatings and metal organic thin films. With Over 1300 Scientific Publications Resulted from SETCAS SPIN COATERS The Rugged, Portable Vibration-free and Design is Ideal for Research applications. A Two-Stage Spin Process allows dispensing at low speeds ​​and homogenizing the Coating at High Speed. 
New features: 

·   Prevent the cleaners and solvents travelling down the motor;

·   Set speed and time with the keypad, convenient and accurate.

·   Take button and start button interlock, prevent the substrate flying out.

·   Add theTake/Absorb button to control the start and stop of the pump, reduce the pumpnoise pollution and extend the pump life.


·   Spin-coater power: 100w,spin-coatinguniformity: ±2%, pump power: 350w, pumping  speed:≥60L/MIN;

·   The motor is closed-loop control, there are two speed sections: high-speed range: 1000-8500rpm,low-speed range: 500-8500rpm;

·   Set time of each speed section separately,time range of high-speed: 0-999s,timerange of high-speed: 0-999s;

·   Motor speed stability: ±1%, timing accuracy: ±20ppm;

·   Speed indicator range: 0-9990rpm, precision: ±10rpm; Time indicator range 0-999s, precision: ±20ppm;

·   Voltage: AC100-240V, single phase;

·   Dimensions: 215mm(W)×240mm(D)×220mm(H);

·   Productweight: spin coater, 9 kg; pump, 8.5kg;

·   Substrate size: 5mm to 100mm round, 5mm×5mm to 100mm×100mm square.

Selection of vacuum chucks:
It is important to order the chuck that seems best for your type of work. We generally recommend the next smaller size chuck that is just smaller in size than your largest substrate. It is imperative that there be no exposed chuck surface, otherwise, the coating liquid will be sucked away into the vacuum system, which of course is quite undesirable. If you are working with samples of various sizes, it might be beneficial to have more than one size chuck. Vacuum chucks are available in aluminum or PTFE (

Packing List:

    Box 1: Oil-free vacuum pump

  • Pump ×1
  • Pump Silencer ×1
  • Extension  cord ×1
  • Φ8 Pipe ×1
  • Qualification Certificate ×1
  • Warranty card ×1

    Box 2: KW-4A Spin Coater

  • Spin Coater ×1
  • Spin bowl×1
  • Spin Coater Power Cord ×1
  • Extension cord×1
  • Chuck ×3 (List of all the chucks: Chucks of Spin Coater)
  • User manual ×1
  • Qualification Certificate ×1
  • Warranty Card ×1

KW-4A Spin Coater

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