KW-4B Spin Coater Incl. Oil-less vacuum pump, 3 vacuum chucks, & 2 year warranty


Note: Please specify the sizes of the 3 chucks before you check this out in Cart. List of all the chucks: Chucks of Spin Coater. If the chuck you want is not listed, please select "Customized Chuck" and add a note when checking out.


Product Feature

·   Prevent the cleaners and solvents travelling down the motor;

·   Set speed and time with the keypad, convenient and accurate;

·   Full body 304 stainless steel.


  • Spin-coater power: 100wspin-coating uniformity: ±1%, pump power: 350w, pumping speed: ≥60L/MIN;
  • The motor is closed-loop control, there are two speed sections: high-speed range: 1000-9990rpmlow-speed range: 50-9990rpm;
  • Set time of each speed section separately, time range of high-speed: 0-999stime range of high-speed: 0-999s;
  • Motor speed stability: ±0.5%, timing accuracy: ±20ppm;
  • Speed indicator range: 0-9990rpm, precision: ±10rpm; Time indicator range 0-999s, precision: ±1s;
  • Voltage: AC100-240V, single phase;
  • Dimensions: 215mmW×240mmD×220mmH;
  • Product weight: spin coater, 9 kg; pump, 8.5kg;
  • Substrate sizes: 5mm to 120mm round, and 5mm×5mm to 120mm×120mm square.


Packing List:

    Box 1: Oil-free vacuum pump

  1. Pump ×1
  2. Pump Silencer ×1
  3. Pump Power Cord ×1
  4. Φ8 Pipe ×1
  5. Qualification Certificate ×1
  6. Warranty card ×1

    Box 2: KW-4B Spin Coater

  1. Spin Coater ×1
  2. Spin bowl ×1
  3. Spin Coater Power Cord ×1
  4. Chuck ×3 (Note: Please specify the sizes of the 3 chucks before you check this out in Cart.List of all the chucks: Chucks of Spin Coater)
  5. User manual ×1
  6. Qualification Certificate ×1
  7. Warranty Card ×1


Technical support:
Warranty period 2 years

Technical Support Free remote technical support (phone, email) for the life of the product

KW-4B Spin Coater

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