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The Setcas Dip Coater provides high-performance specifications and simple-to-use integrated software to give researchers the tools they need to coat high-quality films at a reasonable price.


To provide accurate movement, the Setcas Dip Coater uses the same high-precision stages as can be found in our Spin Coater. The result is a dependable machine which can consistently produce and reproduce high-quality films with ease, every time you use it.


Dip Coater>SC-DP-I I

  • Withdrawal Rate


    Rate Reproducibility


    Maximum Travel Distance


    Maximum Number of Cycles

    9999 cycles

    Maximum Timer Duration


    Heating Range

    ambient to 200℃

    In-built Software Features

    Variable withdrawal speed
    Repeat cycles
    Crash detection

    Power Supply


    Overall Product Dimensions

    Width: 210 mm
    Height: 555 mm
    Depth: 315 mm

    Shipping Weight

    < 8kg

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