Circulating cabinet size: 1200mm(L) x 750mm(D) x 900mm(H)
Circulating box volume: 0.8m³
Front window size: 1123mm(L) x 839mm(H)
Glove mouth caliber: 220 mm, O-ring seal
Glove Material: Butyl rubber; Thickness: 0.4 mm
Function: Automatically removes H2O and O2
Function realization: cleaning, circulation, regeneration
Vacuum pump Flow: 12 m³/h (7 cfm)

Level of Oxygen and Moisture: <1ppm
Circulating fan Air volume: 80 m³/h
Large transition cabin: φ360mmx600mm(L)
Small transition cabin: φ150mm x 330mm(L)

SC-I Glove Box


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